Contact tracing check in software

Check in workers and visitors safely. Works with any Apple iPad. Uses Australian developed facial recognition. Includes easy to use web and phone app. Super affordable. Get set up in 5mins.

Contact Tracing

Workplaces protected by Nirovision

All you need is an iPad and the Nirovision app

With Nirovision, people entering are automatically identified through touchless facial recognition. You also have the option to add dynamic QR codes to ensure visitors and/or workers meet your strict requirements.

All check in information is stored securely and is easily accessible

With multiple cameras strategically placed around the workplace, Nirovision allows you to quickly filter and see where an individual was seen and who they were seen with during certain hours – so you can clearly identify which people need to isolate and who is safe to continue working.

Export a CSV of close contacts in seconds for immediate follow up

Easily export check in data or integrate with other workplace security cameras to see where a person was seen and who they were seen with during certain hours.

More reasons to consider Nirovision


Be notified when particular people arrive, or if someone skips the check in process.


Apply Labels to people such as ‘Staff’, ‘Contractor’, or ‘Visitor’ to better understand who is on-site.

Easy to use

Easy to create and manage identities, set up alarms and export data for compliance. 

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