Nirovision wins best in category at the SIA New Product Showcase, ISC West 2019
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Create powerful AI driven software using our SDKs and APIs

Our flagship product, Nirovision, is powered by Niro Engine and Niro Platform. Build your own world changing software today.

Security focused AI

Generic AI recognition tools are often trained using high-quality photos from professional photography such as photos of scenery, people posing or product shots. These images don’t accurately represent security camera footage and fail to produce useful results.


Nirovision's Computer Vision models are trained using security camera footage to get real-world accuracy. Security cameras are typically mounted in high places and need to track subjects moving across a scene. By focusing on what matters most, such as people and vehicles, our models aren’t distracted by random objects that do not matter.

Niro Platform

With no hardware to manage, our REST API will get you building with AI capabilities in no time. Our cloud infrastructure already processes millions and millions of images each day. Dedicated close proximity infrastructure is available for enterprise customers to provide low latency access.

Niro Engine

Niro Engine can be installed on on-premise Windows or Linux machines. We’ve got C++, Java, JavaScript and Python SDKs that’ll make development a breeze.