Face recognition for more secure access control

Streamline access control with facial recognition software that can grant or deny entry based on someone’s identity. 

Workplaces protected by Nirovision

Key features


Simply look at a camera to gain access to doors. No swipe card or codes needed. 


Group people using Labels such as ’employee’ or ‘contractor’ and set up access according to someone’s Label.


Set up alerts for when a door is accessed by anyone or a specific individual.

Identity metadata

Add metadata to identity profiles to better understand who people are and their access rights.

Video playback

Identify people in video footage and playback events. 

Interactive reports

Get insights into access control, the activity of people, when doors were accessed, and more.

View insights and manage access with the Nirovision web app

Access control integrations

With the Nirovision + ProtegeX integration, your workplace can enhance their access control by unlocking a door based on someone’s identity.

With the Nirovision + Inception integration, your workplace can add a further layer of verification to access control to ensure only the right people have access.

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