Face recognition for more secure access control

Streamline access control with facial recognition software that can grant or deny entry based on someone’s identity. 

facial recognition access control

Workplaces protected by Nirovision

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Provide a seamless and touchless access control experience

With Nirovision, workers and visitors are automatically identified at the point of entry using facial recognition and granted or denied access based on their identity. 

Know who is entering with live alarm notifications

See a log of all workers and visitors and customise alarm notifications for certain individuals so you know immediately when someone of interest turns up. 


Deny entry to those with high temperatures

Integrate with thermal cameras to unlock doors based on body temperature. Our software not only provides complete temperature logs for all visitors, but it also builds a baseline for regular staff and sends alerts for abnormal temperatures – so you can maintain a safe workplace.

More reasons to consider Nirovision

Dynamic QR codes

Capture accurate sign-in data with QR codes that are unique to the person identified.



Integrations with ProtegeGX (ICT), Inception (Inner Range) thermal cameras, and Nx Witness VMS.

Easy to use

Easy to create and manage identities, set up alarms and export data for compliance. 

See how Nirovision can make your workplace safer

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