Know immediately if someone has entered a restricted area, has an elevated temperature, ignored a sign in survey, and more with customisable alarms.

How it works

Select alarm type

Alarms can set up for a particular identity, or whenever someone with a particular label is seen or whenever someone records a high temperature.

facial recognition access control

Select cameras

Select the camera(s) that apply to your alarm.

nx witness face recognition

Receive notifications

Select which team members should be notified and how. Choose from email and in-app notifications.


Know when a particular person shows up

Know immediately when someone important arrives on-site so you can greet and attend to them quickly.

Know if someone has a high temperature

Instantly know if someone entering has a higher than normal temperature, so you can prevent that person from entering.

touchless check-in

Know if someone fails to check-in

Know immediately if someone does not fill out a sign-in survey so you can take appropriate action.

Learn about other Nirovision features

Touchless check-in

Turn any iPad into a touch-free employee and visitor check-in kiosk. Enhance security and streamlines wait times with facial recognition for a safer workplace.

nirovision features

Temperature analytics

Leveraging facial recognition, Nirovision is able to match temperature reads to identities and build a baseline for each individual to know if there are any anomalies.



Like virtual name badges, Labels allow you to organise people into groups. Create labels for departments, types of contractors, visitors and set up alarms for different labels.

Ready to make your workplace safer?