Nirovision Features

Nirovision features help workplaces remain open despite the ongoing threat of viral outbreaks now and into the future.

Turn any iPad into a touch-free employee and visitor check-in
kiosk. Enhance security and streamlines wait times with facial recognition.

Beyond listing who was on-site on a particular day, Nirovision helps you trace movement throughout your workplace as well as possible contacts with other individuals

Integrating with thermal cameras, Nirovision is able to match temperature reads to individual identities and build a baseline for each individual to know if there are any anomalies.

Enhance workplace safety with dynamic QR codes that are unique to the person identified. Improve contact tracing by capturing accurate check-in data.

Customisable alarms can notify you immediately if
someone has entered a restricted area, ignored a
questionnaire, has an elevated temperature, and more.

Like virtual name badges, Labels allow you to organise
people into groups. Create labels for departments, types
of contractors, visitors and more.

API and integrations

From thermal cameras to access control and video management systems, Nirovision integrates with a range of tools to keep workplaces safe. You can also use Nirovision’s API to create integrations that solve your unique challenges.

Ready to make your workplace safer?