Visual contact tracing

Imagine being able to see and remember the whereabouts of everyone on-site on any given day, without manual logs. With visual contact tracing, you can.

How it works

Automate the process of logging workers and vistors

Provide workers and vistors with a touchless check-in process. Record who was on-site and where that person was seen during certain hours.

Minimise the risk of a company wide shutdown

In the case of an outbreak, clearly identify which people need to isolate and who is safe to continue working. Know which areas and what surfaces need to be deep cleaned based on the infected person’s activity.

2 - Contact tracing

Meet compliance requirements

Export visitor logs with the option to filter data for further analysis. Save time preparing reports. Be empowered through data to provide meaningful experiences for workers and visitors.

Learn about other Nirovision features

qr code sign in

Dynamic QR code sign-in

Enhance workplace safety with dynamic QR codes that are unique to the person identified. Improve contact tracing by capturing accurate check-in data.



Like virtual name badges, Labels allow you to organise people into groups. Create labels for departments, types of contractors, visitors and set up alarms for different labels.

nirovision features

Temperature analytics

Leveraging facial recognition, Nirovision is able to match temperature reads to identities and build a baseline for each individual to know if there are any anomalies.

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