Like virtual name badges, Labels allow you to organise people into groups. Create labels for departments, types of contractors, visitors and more.

How it works

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Apply descriptive labels to workers and regular visitors

Who’s that person lurking around the workplace after hours? Know immediately with Labels. Understand what team someone belongs to, or what their job role is by applying descriptive labels.

Search by Label

Search activities by Label. Understand the activity of one group of people throughout the day compared to another group and much more.


Receive notifications for Labels

Set up notifications to know immediately when anyone from a group of interest is recognised such as anyone with the Label “Contractor”.

Learn about other Nirovision features

qr code sign in

Dynamic QR code sign-in

Enhance workplace safety with dynamic QR codes that are unique to the person identified. Improve contact tracing by capturing accurate check-in data.



Know immediately if someone has entered a restricted area, has an elevated temperature, ignored a sign in survey, and more with customisable alarms.

contact tracing

Contact tracing

Beyond listing who was on-site on a particular day, Nirovision helps you trace movement throughout your workplace as well as possible contacts with other individuals.

Ready to make your workplace safer?