Dynamic QR code sign in

Display dynamic QR codes for those not recognised such as new visitors. This allows self check-in with forms that you can customise.

How it works

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Approach the iPad

Nirovision detects an unknown face and presents a personal QR code that is unique to that person.

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Scan the dynamic QR code

After scanning the code, the person is presented with a form which you can customise.

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Go or Stop

The person is told to proceed or stop based on their answers and verification of their identity.

Avoid fraudulent sign-ins

Printed QR codes are insecure and easily frauded. Enhance your security and accuracy of data with facial recognition and personal QR codes that are unique to each identity.

Ensure those that enter meet your requirements

Customise your QR code sign in questionaire to verify if someone is safe to enter according to your requirements.

qr code sign in

Streamline sign-in for workers

If you want to save the survey for new visitors only, you can with Nirovision. This saves regular workers having to fill a form every time they enter.

Learn about other Nirovision features

nirovision features

Temperature analytics

Leveraging facial recognition, Nirovision is able to match temperature reads to identities and build a baseline for each individual to know if there are any anomalies.



Like virtual name badges, Labels allow you to organise people into groups. Create labels for departments, types of contractors, visitors and set up alarms for different labels.

contact tracing

Visual contact tracing

Beyond listing who was on-site on a particular day, Nirovision helps you trace movement throughout your workplace as well as possible contacts with other individuals.

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