Touchless check-in with facial recognition

Turn any iPad into a touchless check-in for employees and visitors. Enhance security and streamline wait times with facial recognition.

How it works

touchless check-in

Workers and visitors approach the iPad

Workers and vistors approach the iPad on arrival. There is no need to do anything or touch anything.

Nirovision identifies the person (behind the scenes)

Using facial recognition, camera footage is analysed to match a face to an identity in your database.

facial recognition software

Nirovision lets the person know if they can proceed

Based on the identity and rules you have set up, the person is instructed to proceed or wait for assistance.

Streamline the check-in process

Create a seamless and touchless check-in process for workers and visitors. With facial recognition, check-ins are quick and touchless, helping your workplace avoid long queues at the point of entrance.

Ensure those entering are authorised

Automate the process of identifying people and other attributes to know whether someone is authorised to enter. Strengthen your security to ensure a secure workplace.

Capture accurate data for seamless contact tracing

Enhance the accuracy of check-in data with facial recognition. Know who was on-site during a set period, export visitor logs, and see who was seen with who. Save time preparing reports.

Learn about other Nirovision features

contact tracing

Visual contact tracing

Beyond listing who was on-site on a particular day, Nirovision helps you trace movement throughout your workplace as well as possible contacts with other individuals

nirovision features

Temperature analytics

Leveraging facial recognition, Nirovision is able to match temperature reads to identities and build a baseline for each individual to know if there are any anomalies.



Know immediately if someone has entered a restricted area, has an elevated temperature, ignored a sign in survey, and more with customisable alarms.

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