Nirovision Integrations

Nirovision integrations allow you to integrate our facial recognition solution with other services. Learn more about our integrations and API by requesting a demo today.

With the Nirovision + Nx Witness VMS integration, your workplace can leverage facial recognition to action results in real time, generate powerful insights about traffic and people, and extend your hardware capabilities by bringing deep learning capabilities to any IP camera.

With Nirovision + thermal cameras, your workplace can capture temperature readings and match these readings with individual identities and unknown faces, creating a record of each occurrence that can be reviewed via the apps or exported.

With the Nirovision + ProtegeX integration, your workplace can enhance their access control by unlocking a door based on someone’s identity.

With the Nirovision + Inception integration, your workplace can add a further layer of verification to access control to ensure only the right people have access.

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