Facial recognition access control with Protege GX

With the Nirovision and ProtegeGX integration, a workplace can enhance their access control
by unlocking a door based on someone’s identity.

Ensure only the right people can enter

Forget swipe cards which are unsecure, easily lost and expensive to maintain. Leverage facial recognition to stengthen your security by only allowing access to those with the appropriate security permissions.

Provide touchless entry

Prevent the spread of germs in the workplace with immediate identification and verification of those wishing to enter. Automatically grant access with facial recognition.

Ensure those with high temperatures do not enter

Integrate with thermal cameras to unlock and open doors based on an individual’s temperature reading. Minimise the risk of a virus spread and workplace shutdown.

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Nirovision is a software application that consumes video and metadata inputs from security cameras. The software is for logging and screening purposes only, and not for medical diagnoses.