Thermal camera face recognition with Nirovision

Nirovision facial recognition integrates with thermal cameras to link temperature readings with identities, and send alerts for anomalies.

Match temperature readings to individual identities

Record temperature readings against identities in your database plus unknown faces. Save time on compliance requirements with a record of everyone that entered and their temperature.

Improve accuracy with baseline temperatures

Nirovision learns what an individuals baseline temperature is at different times of the day, and alerts you if someone records a temperature above their baseline. This helps you avoid wasting time on false positives and stops people with a high temperatures from entering.

temperature analytics

Link with access control to manage who enters

Once Nirovision processes thermal metadata, that information can be used in conjunction with our APIs to trigger actions such as lock doors upon abnormal reads.

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Nirovision is a software application that consumes video and metadata inputs from security cameras. The software is for logging and screening purposes only, and not for medical diagnoses.