Win more customers with these features

Immediately identify who is entering your workplace

Instantly know who has an above normal temperature so you can take appropriate action

Know when something important is happening so you can act on it fast

Quickly identify workers at risk and who they have been in contact with

Review meaningful data to allow informed decision making via the Review, Filter, Edit and Export Functions

Minimise disruptions to your daily routine by providing instruction and visual feedback as staff are measured

What makes us different

  • Accurate facial recognition

Unlike most vendors who rely on a single face to identify someone, Nirovision increase the chances of recognising individuals by showing the AI multiple faces of each person. More data points means more accurate identification, reliable notifications and better insights.

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person exiting lift
  • Automatic baseline temperature

With Nirovision customers don’t need to spend time monitoring a thermal camera, our system uses AI to establish a baseline temperature for each individual and send instant alerts for any anomalies so a workplace can take action. Readings can also be displayed live to everyone entering.

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Facial Recognition improving temperature alerts

Nirovision uses AI on top of temperature readings to personalise thermal deviations for individuals. That means that you decide the maximum deviation of temperature to detect anomalies that othwerwise would be allowed to access your installations.

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person exiting lift

Automatic Baseline Temperature

You don’t need to spend time monitoring your thermal camera, the system uses AI to fully take control over any anomalies and allows you to inform your staff directly using the Doorkeeper alerting solution or sending real-time alerts to the people on the ground to take action.

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About our partner program

Our partners play an important role in shaping the development roadmap. As the ears and eyes of the industries in which you serve, we welcome and in fact encourage your feedback so that we continue to meets your needs and therefore those of our end-users.

  • A share in annual recurring revenue on the sale of Nirovision software

  • Signposting of leads and networking opportunities

  • Ready to use sales collateral to enable an easier sell – with the option of white-labelling

  • Seamless on-boarding via training and support

  • Local tech assistance when you need it

Contact us today to learn more about our Partner Program.

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Nirovision providing software training to partner Ness Corporation

Workplaces protected by Nirovision

Our Partners

Proud to be associated with our partners who comprise of:

  • Distributors
  • Integrators
  • Installers
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Keeping your data secure

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Nirovision leverages world-class partners that meet the strictest compliance standards. Our authentication partner is Auth0, an industry leading identity management platform. Our cloud infrastructure provider is AWS, with all data being stored and transmitted solely in Australia.

issc west logoWinner of the Best New Mobile App at 2019 ISC West, the largest US security event.

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