Platform Features
Designed to provide you with intelligent insights, Nirovision includes a range of features that make it easy to keep your business safe and secure all day, everyday.

Temperature screening

We combine temperature screening with facial recognition to alert management or HR if an individual has an elevated temperature. This can help avoid the spread of viruses at work.



Use custom labels to manage lists of people: Blacklists, VIPs, employees and more. Be notified immediately when a person of interest is recognised.



Easily use custom fields to add valuable metadata that helps your organisation better manage, serve and delight customers and staff.



Alarm notifications can be customised based on labels, temperature, time, location, cameras and more. You decide who receives notifications and if it's done by in-app push notifications or email.

View monthly activity at a glance or zoom in to see what happened at a select time and day. The activity section has been also designed to operate as a real-time reception tool.

Easy to use

Nirovision is a product that anyone can use and feel in control of. Even the most advanced features are extremely simple to use which helps your organisation discover and action the insights that matter.


Additional Features

Face Detection and Recognition

Facial Recognition

Recognise faces from challenging angles. Deep Learning algorithms automatically group unique faces together.

Thermal Detection

Thermal Detection

Detect when people are around, even if their face is concealed.



Nirovision is available on mobile, tablet, desktop and TV making the platform accessible wherever you are.


Regular updates

Nirovision is constantly building new features and optimising our AI model to serve the growing needs of customers.