Dynamic QR code software that makes sign-in easy

Mitigate shutdowns with Nirovision’s comprehensive safety and security platform.

Workplaces protected by Nirovision

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Capture accurate sign-in data with dynamic QR codes

With Nirovision, staff and visitors are identified using facial recognition and presented with a personal QR code and questionnaire. This enhances your security, makes contact tracing more accurate and allows you to identify someone who fails to sign-in.

Provide a seamless check-in experience with facial recognition

Create a seamless and touchless check-in experience that saves you time and money. With Nirovision, staff and visitors are automatically identified at the point of entrance and provided instructions based on their identity so you don’t need to do anything. 

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Minimise viral outbreaks with temperature analytics

Integrate with thermal cameras to capture body temperatures. Our software not only provides complete temperature logs for all visitors, but it also builds a baseline for regular staff and sends alerts for abnormal temperatures – so you can keep the workplace safe.

More reasons to consider Nirovision


Phone and email notifications for identities or when someone with a particular label is identified.


Integrations with thermal cameras, access control systems and Nx Witness VMS.

Easy to use

Easy to create and manage identities, set up alarms and export data for compliance. 

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