Dynamic QR codes that link to customised surveys

Check in workers and visitors safely. Works with any Apple iPad. Uses Australian developed facial recognition. Includes easy to use web and phone app. Super affordable. Get set up in 5mins.

Workplaces protected by Nirovision

Set up is fast and easy

Get set up in 5mins. All you need is an iPad and the Nirovision Doorkeeper app.  

Link to surveys that you can customise

You can make surveys a requirement for everyone who enters or display them only for new visitors not recognised. 

Do away with QR codes for regular visitors such as staff

Save surveys for new visitors only and allow regular workers to check in simply by showing their face to the iPad. 

Capture accurate time and attendance insights

More reasons to consider Nirovision


Be notified when particular people arrive, or if someone skips the check in process.


Apply Labels to people such as ‘Staff’, ‘Contractor’, or ‘Visitor’ to better understand who is on-site.

Easy to use

Easy to manage identities, set up alarms, access time and attendance insights and export data. 

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