Hikvision Bullet

The most versatile fixed lens PoE bullet in the market.

Hikvision camera

An Option for Every Use Case

HIKVision offers this model in a variety of focal lengths with the same price-tag to account for different needs. With 97° of horizontal field of view for their smallest lens size available (2.8mm), this camera provides extensive, wide coverage at outstanding resolution. The main benefit is a smaller number of cameras are required to cover large-area places, such as parking lots, warehouses and construction sites. But if there is an area that requires a closer look, like a critical entrance, there is a 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm available.

Resilient Outdoors, Robust Indoors


The DS-2CD2055FWD-I is equipped for both indoor and outdoor settings. Being IP67 weatherproof compliant when most of its competitors are IP66 means it can be exposed to rougher environments: greater amounts of liquids and dust, areas with a large footfall and wet locations. It is also PoE, so there is no need for electrical power cabling. When it comes to indoor lightning, especially fluorescent lights, it is tricky to find a camera in this segment that just works. The average security camera has the tendency to produce dark images in areas with shadows or washed-out images when they pick up glare or reflections. Even the dome equivalent of the DS-2CD2055FWD-I (the DS-2CD2155FWD-I) struggles when positioned closer to typical office ceilings. But the bullet's Wide Dynamic Range functionality with high db ratio does a great job capturing a balanced image with optimal exposure for every area within its field of view, especially when it comes to toning down bright spots to prevent the image from burning. This, in turn, enables the camera to go in places that would normally require expensive lighting controls/equipment.

Our Experience

We have a DS-2CD2055FWD-I with a 2.88mm lens setup in our office, pointing straight at the lifts.


We went for the smallest lens size to cover the three lifts with a single camera. We have no visibility of the entrance from our desk are due to the distribution of the office space, so our monitor wall is focused on this camera to let us know who's at the door at any time.

Behind the Scene: Steps to Set Up


The setup process of a HIKVision camera involves two extra steps compared to other brands. Each camera needs to be individually activated using a web browser console before it can be configured or accessed. Additionally, ONVIF integration protocol needs to be enabled and assigned a user profile, as it's been disabled by default since the release of firmware v5.5.0 in May 2017. Luckily, the web console has an intuitive and polished UI, so the whole process shouldn't take more than a few minutes. Hint: use Safari/Internet Explorer browsers for the console, as neither Edge, nor Chrome or Firefox latest releases are not supported.

Where to Buy?

HIKVision does not sell directly to consumers in Australia, solely through authorised distributors and partners. Still, the price/quality ratio is worth the extra mile. To get the same resolution (or higher), or various focal length options to choose from, other brand price tags start on the 450AUD mark. The same can be said when making the jump to varifocal lenses or Ultra HD resolution (8MP or above). 

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