Uniden Bullet

A DC-powered 2 megapixel guardian.

Uniden camera

Practical WiFi capability

This wifi camera is part of the Guardian line from Japanese brand Uniden, together with indoor and dome models (APPCAM 34 and APPCAM36), aiming to serve different use cases and locations. We've reviewed the bullet due to its presence in Australia's biggest retailers and its features, similar to the HIKVision and D-Link fixed-lens bullets within this price-range.  It is advertised as a Full HD camera that can be used to monitor inside or outside of your property. With an outdoor setting in mind it's worth considering that the APPCAM35 is an IP66 compliant metal device with inbuilt WiFi, so it can connect wirelessly to the location's network allowing diverse placement options. Unfortunately, it is not PoE, so electrical wiring is unavoidable. Hint: If your internet connection is unstable, it may be better to wire it permanently to avoid unexpected disconnections from the network.

Great for reduced spaces with little light variation.

It has a 2MP resolution for up to 15 frames per second and a horizontal field of view comparable to the D-Link and HIKVision bullets. It has a 3.6mm lens, so it is slightly narrower than its competition, but that lens size is more than sufficient for an overlook of small and medium-sized spaces. The APPCAM35 does not include preset settings for Outdoor/Indoor locations but it allows for manual configuration of exposure, brightness and other image quality features by profile: day, night or normal. Even though it has digital wide dynamic range video enhancement technology, it requires some manual adjustments to accommodate for varying lighting conditions to minimize possible image deterioration.

Behind the scene: steps to set up


Setting up the APPCAM35 is considerably easy, though how long it takes depends on the desired image configuration for each of the profiles. The ONVIF protocol is enabled by default, but if the intended use is through WiFi, this functionality needs to be manually enabled and configured from the web browser interface. Uniden's browser experience falls short compared to UI's like HIKVision's and it is only available for two browsers: Internet Explorer and Safari. Hint: The camera's reset button is hidden under a screwable lid, so if the web interface is unavailable and the camera needs to be restarted, you'll need a screwdriver..

Our experience.

We had to send a request to Uniden's Support team to get the camera's technical specifications, as surprisingly they are not included in Uniden's website. They confirmed the camera cannot be live viewed using a web browser, so to tune-in the image we had to work side by side with the web browser and our app, which is slightly inconvenient. The APPCAM35 has almost the same features as the D-Link bullet, yet it produces images of inferior quality. During daytime, the images are tainted and slightly washed out due to poor handling of our office's fluorescent lights. During night hours, bright spots are not handled efficiently, burning the images. In summary, it is a performant device but of lower quality than its competitors.

Where to buy?

Uniden does not sell directly in Australia, but their products can be purchased in numerous big retailers and small shops with manufacturer warranty and different shipping times. The APPCAM35 price is AUD199, similar to the HIKVision bullet but with considerably less features, making it a less appealing option if we also factor in it's lower image quality when faced with similar settings. Uniden does not have a version of this model with other resolution or lens type, as their product range focuses on battery-powered cameras or analog devices.  Uniden Datasheet: Unfortunately we couldn't get ahold of this information thought Uniden's website. Customer Support shared this file with us when we requested more information regarding the APPCAM35's features.