Improving your business operations and safeguarding staff and visitors has never been easier with Nirovision’s automated facial recognition and temperature screening software.

Coworking Offices

Gain insights to better manage members and their access levels, optimise room layouts, and be notified if an unrecognised person shows up.

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Provide a safe and healthy environment for patrons with temperature checking, know who is on-site at anytime with identity checking and be notified if someone on a self-exclusion or blacklist shows up.

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Nursing Homes

Protect the health of your employees and residents with accurate temperature checking, identify wandering residents, better manage visitor times, and easily conduct contact tracing if needed.

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Manufacturing and Logistics

Protect your frontline with automated identity and temperature checking to help ensure a safe workplace. Oversee worker activity, gain insights on worker movement, optimise space and conduct contact tracing.

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Keep track of known shoplifters with identity checking and notifications in real-time. Add VIPs and other important people to the platform to better manage workers and serve customers.

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Workplaces protected by Nirovision

What our customers are saying

Nirovision’s alert system provided a solution that did not require additional staff. It’s been a painless way of reducing risk.

Richard Hugo-Hamman, Executive Chairman
LEAP Legal Software
I am particularly impressed with Nirovision’s ability to track a visitors temperature and notify us of any issues before they enter our floor, making our workplaces safer.

John Ahern, CEO
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