Providing peace of mind to co-working offices

Gain insights to help improve operations, optimise your space, and provide peace of mind for members – with a camera platform that provides face recognition and thermal imaging.

Member management

Better understand your members to provide improved customer experience. Our face recognition software provides a frictionless check-in experience for members across multiple venues. Manage and optimise venue space and easily see if members are overusing their membership.


Our platform integrates with thermal cameras giving you a completely unmanned system that notifies management if an individual has an elevated temperature from their baseline. This provides members with peace of mind while facial recognition also makes contact tracing easier with visibility on who worked with who in which areas.


Know if your co-working space is safe and secure wherever you are. Our platform provides insights into who is at the office at any time and lets you customise alarm alerts for certain individuals using labels. You can label people by job function, by relationship (customer/supplier), or by status (VIP, blacklist).

Features used by co-working offices

Temperature checking

We combine temperature checking with facial recognition to alert management if an individual has an elevated temperature. This can help avoid the spread of viruses within your office space.


Use custom labels to manage lists of people: Blacklists, VIPs, employees and more. Be notified immediately when a person of interest is recognised.


Easily use custom fields to add valuable metadata that helps your service staff better manage, serve and delight members.


Alarm notifications can be customised based on labels, temperature, time, location, cameras and more. You decide who receives notifications and if it’s done by in-app push notifications or email.

A platform that empowers your team

Office managers

Use Nirovision to gain insights into how members are utilising your venue and their attendance levels. These insights can help with optimising space and assist with renewals and upgrades. Provide a frictionless check in experience for members across multiple venues.

Food and beverage workers

Arm hospitality staff with insights such as a member’s name and their favourite drink order to better serve and delight members. Be notified of premium members and VIPs that are on-site and ensure the right staff know.

Security managers

Add identities to a blacklist to be notified if people are on-site that shouldn’t be. Understand who is in the venue at any given time. Easily investigate an incident with the ability to view a timeline of events involving an individual.