Check-in workers safely with temperature analytics

Identify who is entering the workplace and whether they have an elevated body temperature to mitigate a viral spread and workplace shutdown. Automate the whole process with facial recognition.

Workplaces protected by Nirovision

Automate the temperature checking process

Automate the process of capturing temperatures as people enter. Display results and instructions on monitor wall to grant or deny entry. Minimise disruptions at the point of entrance and prevent the spread of germs.

Get more accurate results with baseline temperatures

Nirovision learns what an individuals baseline temperature is at different times of the day, and alerts you if someone records a temperature above their baseline. This helps you avoid wasting time on false positives and stops people with a high temperatures from entering.

temperature analytics

Perform quick and easy contact tracing

See which areas of the workplace a sick person was seen, who they were seen with, and which other people were seen in the same location around the same time to slow the spread of a virus and minimise a company wide shutdown.

More reasons to consider Nirovision


Phone and email notifications for identities or when someone with a particular label is identified.


Integrations with thermal cameras, access control systems and Nx Witness VMS.

Easy to use

Easy to create and manage identities, set up alarms and export data for compliance. 

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Nirovision is a software application that consumes video and metadata inputs from security cameras. The software is for logging and screening purposes only, and not for medical diagnoses.