Case Study: Epping Hospital


Epping Private Hospital has been recommissioned to provide medical care for aged care residents impacted by 2020’s viral outbreak, with all transfers being coordinated by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

The hospital has recruited a high quality team of over 50 nurses, doctors and support staff from across Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, fully equipped a vacant hospital and developed policies and procedures in order to meet the stringent regulatory standards of DHHS.

In August 2020, the hospital welcomed its first virus related Aged Care Residents and has provided care to a number of patients over the last three months.

The challenge

As a care provider for patients in the highest risk category, the hospital was reconfigured to meet the new, strict requirements needed to provide high quality healthcare during the viral pandemic environment.

The health, safety, and welfare of everyone in the building – patients, staff, doctors, and other tenants was of crucial importance and priority. Epping Private Hospital held the responsibility of safeguarding their patients and staff’s lives.

To support that, the Hospital needed to implement a security and monitoring system that would ensure it would get control of any outbreaks immediately and be able to test anyone potentially exposed to the virus as soon as possible. Minimising disruption and ensuring their patients could recover and recuperate without risk or harm was the ultimate goal.

The solution

Value for money, ease of use and the ability to link in with their existing security system were the reasons Epping Private Hospital chose the Nirovision automated detection and temperature logging software, as part of their virus security plan.

A thermal wall-mount terminal was installed in a hallway adjacent to the Hospital’s staff entry, with the deployment completed in less than 24 hours.

The powerful combination between System Integrators Innovative Security & Data and Nirovision allowed for a seamless set up experience that made a significant impact almost immediately.

As staff and contractors make their way through the hallway every day, Nirovision identifies them and automatically creates a record of the event with the corresponding temperature result.

Automating this process reduces lag time in reporting and minimises data entry errors common in any paper-based contact tracing processes. Within a few clicks, the Hospital can generate and export reports on staff’s attendance and identify staff entering and leaving the building. These reports can then be used in the contact tracing process where required.

Additionally, if any staff member registers an abnormal temperature, management is notified in real time via email or SMS push notifications to address the situation in a prompt manner.

The result

According to Mr Palmby the ability to track staff as they move through the hospital and to record multiple temperatures has been the greatest benefit of the Nirovision system.

Nirovision’s fully unmanned solution helps Epping Private Hospital comply with the DHHS recommended guidelines for staff monitoring and wellbeing.

At the time of publishing this case study, Nirovision has created over three thousand employee activity records, saving countless hours in manual labour and minimizing the risk of inaccurate and inconsistent data. Hospital Management run daily reports on staff and their temperature records using available mobile and web apps.

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Nirovision is a software application that consumes video and metadata inputs from security cameras. The software is for logging and screening purposes only, and not for medical diagnoses.