Face Recognition +
Body Temperature
Improving your business operations and safeguarding staff and visitors has never been easier with Nirovision’s automated facial recognition and temperature screening software.

Enjoy intelligent business insights

Create a safer workplace
Be notified if someone has an elevated temperature. Send discreet alerts to HR.

Better serve your VIP customers
Be notified of premium members and VIPs that are on-site. Ensure the right staff know.

Protect against theft
Add identities to a blacklist to be notified if people are on-site that shouldn’t be.

Save money with automatic check-ins
Enjoy frictionless check-in with automated facial recognition and temperature screening.

Improve operational efficiencies
Understand if an area is being under-utilised and how people are moving in and around your business.

Thermal Camera Integration
Nirovision integrates with thermal cameras giving you a completely unmanned system that notifies you if an individual has an elevated temperature from their baseline.
  • Save on manual temperature checks with a discreet and automated service.
  • Avoid the productivity loss that a contagious virus can cause.
  • Avoid the spread of germs with a hands off temperature check experience.
  • Perform contact tracing with visibility on who worked with who in which areas.