Nirovision wins best in category at the SIA New Product Showcase, ISC West 2019
Mobile-First Video Analytics
Discover how Deep Learning algorithms like Face Recognition and Object Detection can help transform your business, big or small.

Face Recognition

Use labels to manage lists of people: Blacklists, VIPs, employees and more.

Be notified immediately when a person of interest is recognized. Quickly review what happened while you were away.

Identify Instantly
Identify a person of interest with just a few taps, so you never lose the moment.

Video Timeline

View live video or scrub back in time. Quickly find and export the events that you're looking for.



Face Detection and Recognition

Face Recognition

Recognize faces from challenging angles. Deep Learning algorithms automatically group unique faces together.

Object Recognition

Object Detection

Detect when people are around, even if their face is concealed.


Smart Alarms

Easily customize an alarm based on labels, time, location, cameras and more. Need extra power? Extend it with our API.



Niro Aware is available on mobile, tablet, desktop and TV.


Free regular updates

Niro Aware is constantly improving with software and AI model updates.



A simple way to manage blacklists, VIPs, employees and more. Easily import your membership database.

  • Live view
  • Monitor wall
  • Desktop app
  • Mobile apps
  • Unlimited users
  • Auto setup
  • AI
  • Team permissions
  • Notifications list
  • Remote access
  • 24/7 local recording
  • Video recording
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Video timeline
  • Geofence
  • Push notifications
  • ONVIF support
  • Schedule
  • Auto arming
  • Person detection
  • Instant alerts
  • Custom alarms
  • Free updates
  • Customer support
  • Snooze mode
  • Smart grid