Integrations with Nirovision
Our API allows you to add a myriad of 3rd-party integrations to suit your business. Here are a few we've made.

Thermal Camera Integration

The increased risk of viral contagions and the productivity losses that come from an outbreak at work is forcing many businesses to consider temperature screening.

Thermal cameras on their own are able to detect body temperature, however Nirovision takes this a step further by matching an identity or face to a specific reading - and notifying management / HR.

In addition, Nirovision collects and computes individual baseline temperatures for increased accuracy.


Nx Witness VMS

Nirovision integrates with Nx Witness, an open IP video management system with a slick interface that is designed to find, view, record and manage IP video cameras as well as integrate with 3rd party systems and devices. Add Nirovision for a range of enhanced features:

Action results from identity recognition

  • Receive real-time alerts when a person is recognised or someone unknown is in the premises.
  • Focus on specific group of interest using labels.
  • Trigger identity-driven system actions.
  • Bounding box and label metadata overlaid on live video for quick review.

Generate powerful insights

  • Analyse trends over time based on your recognition events and metadata. Review a timeline of recognition for every identity.
  • Perform detailed investigations by searching for object metadata and recognition events in the notifications panel, or by using Smart Search.
  • Use Nirovision widgets to perform key functionality directly in your Nx environment.

Extend hardware capabilities

  • Bring deep learning capabilities to any IP camera.

Inner Range Inception

Inception, from Inner Range, is a cutting-edge, native web-based access control and intruder detection system, designed for light-to-medium commercial installations.

Nirovision is one of the first facial recognition products to take advantage of Inception's new biometric credential features. The integration allows users to unlock doors with their face via a camera. Check out the video below to see us demonstrating this integration at the ASIAL Security Conference.