Making workplaces safer

Providing touchless check-in using facial recognition, Nirovision is the simple, safe and secure way to record who enters the workplace.


Workplaces protected by Nirovision

Doorkeeper Go

Touchless check-in

Turn any iPad into a touchless check-in kiosk. Enhance security, streamline wait times and improve safety for workers and visitors with facial recognition.

Dynamic QR code sign-in

Display dynamic QR codes for those not recognised such as new visitors. This allows self check-in with forms that you can customise.

QR code
temperature analytics

Temperature analytics

Nirovision can integrate with thermal cameras to provide temperature logs and build a baseline for each identity to know if there are any anomalies.

Visual contact tracing

Beyond listing who was on-site on a particular day, Nirovision helps you backtrace movement paths as well as possible contacts with other individuals.

Contact Tracing
Phone notification


Customisable alarms can notify you immediately if someone is identified but fails to check-in, or to know when someone important arrives or someone has an elevated temperature (if integrating with thermal cameras).


Like virtual name badges, Labels allow you to organise staff and visitors into groups. Create labels for departments, types of contractors, visitors and more.

Powerful integrations

Thermal cameras

Integrate Nirovision with thermal cameras to capture temperatures and match readings with individual identities. Set up baseline alerts, and export data for compliance.  

facial recognition access control

Access control

Integrate Nirovision with access control to unlock doors based on someone’s identity and/or add a further layer of verification to ensure the right people can access.  

nx witness face recognition

Nx Witness VMS

Integrate Nirovision with Nx Witness VMS to identify people in security footage, generate powerful insights about traffic and people, and extend your hardware capabilities.  

Nirovision Partner Program

Nirovision is sold exclusively through a trusted network of integrators and distributors that enjoy a range of benefits. If you’re interested in capturing more customers and earning recurring revenue through the sale of our facial recognition software, please get in touch.

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Facial recognition technology and Australian privacy laws

Do you know the key privacy obligations around facial recognition? We recently commissioned an expert lawyer to develop a comprehensive guide about Australian Privacy Laws in relation to facial recognition software.

What customers and partners are saying

Dean Palmby
CEO & Director of Clinical Services
Epping Hospital

“The system has allowed a layer of security and tracking of staff in and out of the building. It is part of our security and lock down plan which is vitally important to control who enters the building”.

Clint Wolff
Managing Director
Innovative Security & Data 

“Nirovision has allowed Innovative Security and Data to provide a customisable facial recognition & temperature solution to our clients that suit their needs in an easy to use platform that go above and beyond any other”.

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