About Nirovision

About Us

Nirovision is a workplace health and safety solution that provides automated identity recognition and accurate temperature checking to keep workplaces open and workers safe.

Our platform does this by analysing footage from strategically placed IP cameras, to identify individuals and attributes such as temperature checking in real-time.

Customers use Nirovision to improve workplace health and safety, aid decision making, optimise operations, and better serve their workers.

Our company is proudly Australian owned and designed, and is backed by world class local support. Today, workplaces across many different industries trust our platform to derive insights and ensure a safe and secure environment.

About Baseline Temperatures

Baseline temperature refers to someone’s normal average body temperature. Most adults have a baseline temperature around 37°C however this differs from person to person.

With Nirovision, temperatures are checked each time someone is identified and over time a baseline is established for each individual. This allows Nirovision to compare an individual’s current temperature against their baseline and send notifications if there is an abnormal reading.

This greatly improves accuracy and reduces false positives.

Nirovision Integrations

Whether you want to integrate with thermal cameras, access control systems or a video management system, Nirovision’s API allows a range of integrations to suit your workplace needs.

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