Nirovision Partners

Let's maker workplaces safer, together

Become a Nirovision partner to capture more customers, grow your revenue and help make workplaces safer, smarter and more secure.

Some of our partners include

nirovision partners

Earn revenue from the hardware and installation

Join the growing list of Nirovision partners that earn revenue from the hardware and installation of Nirovision.

Access local sales and tech support

Receive hands-on product training and sales collateral so you can go to market with confidence. We make sure that your team is well prepared to deploy our software. Customers also have access to our tech support team.

Serve the needs of your customers

Our partners play an important role in shaping the development roadmap. As the ears and eyes of the industries in which you serve, we welcome and in fact encourage your feedback so that we continue to meet your needs and therefore those of your customers.

API and integrations

From thermal cameras to access control and video management systems, Nirovision integrates with a range of tools to keep workplaces safe. You can also use Nirovision’s API to create integrations that solve your unique challenges.

Partnering with Nirovision is a joint collaboration

When you partner with Nirovision we work closely with you on joint sales and marketing efforts. Whether it’s hosting a webinar together, featuring you in a guest blog, or providing sales collateral you can white label, we are to help you grow.

Steps to becoming a partner

See a demo

Contact us to see a free no-obligation demo and learn more about our features and our partner program.

Experience our software

Enjoy a 30-day trial of our software. For a nominal fee you get hands on training, set up and 24/7 support.

Become a partner

Become a partner, access sales collateral and attract new customers and earn more revenue.

Free 5 step guide to having the privacy discussion

 Installing facial recognition technology can potentially concern some employees or visitors for privacy reasons. This is an easy 5-Step Guide to having the privacy conversation with your clients.

What our partners are saying

Clint Wolff
Managing Director
Innovative Security & Data

“Nirovision has allowed Innovative Security and Data to provide a customizable Facial Recognition & Temperature solution to our clients that suit their needs in an easy to use platform that go above and beyond any other”.

Michael Brown
IT&C Director

“Nirovision is sold exclusively through a trusted network of integrators and distributors that enjoy a range of benefits”.

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